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Our location is

1033 Osler Ave

Accessibility parking and ramp located at the back, access from the alley

Please note that we have many upcoming closures over the summer.

**We will be closed most Fridays for the months of June, July and August


June 1-2, 16, 23, 29-30

July 3, 7, 14, 21, 28

Aug 4, 7-12, 18, 25




Crossfield Clinic is a small town medical clinic offering care for families and community members of all ages. Dr. Marc Ascione is an experienced rural Doctor with a wide range of skill and training. Unfortunately we are NOT currently accepting new patient. 

Important Clinic Information

  • Please note that Dr. Ascione does not do any telephone appointments or give advise over the phone. If you are needing to speak with the doctor please book an appointment.

  • If you are a registered patient and are needing to renew/refill your prescription medication, please phone your pharmacy and have them send us a prescription refill request. If the physician requires testing or follow up before he will re-prescribe, we will call you to book an appointment. 

  • Our front end staff does not offer medical advise over the phone. If you have questions, please utilize Alberta Health Services 8-1-1 phone line. 

  • We ARE NOT currently accepting new patients

Effective 01 March, 2023 - New No-Show Policy

  • Due to a very high no-show rate we have amended our no-show policy effective 01 March, 2023.

  • A "No Show" or late Cancellation is when the clinic is given less than 2 hours notice for a missed appointment.

  • there will be a $40 fee for missed regular appointments (15 minute) .

  • there will be a $80 fee for missed longer appointments (over 15 minutes - things such as Complete Physicals, Procedures, WCB Forms, etc.)


This fee will have to be paid before further appointments can be booked.


The clinic can be reached at 403-941-0565 we also have online booking and cancellation available 24/7 through the My Health Access App. There are, of course, allowances for extenuating circumstances, please speak with the Clinic Manager. 


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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